Al & Pal


Author: Camila Reimers
When five-year-old Pablo first hears English he thinks it is a game. The peculiar noises remind him of the Pig Latin words that he uttered at daycare in South America. Soon after arriving in Vancouver with his parents and older brother Alejandro, however, Pal discovers that the strange sounds are not a game but a wonderful new language. In quick succession, AI and Pal began to speak English, make new friends, and discover a great new country called Canada. (more…)



Author: Gabriela Etcheverry

For the young men of the small village where Añañuca lives with her mother, the girl is a symbol of the unattainable love they seek to be happy. Even the son of the god Eol falls in love with her. But Añañuca has other interests. (more…)


Author: Camila Reimers

Chony is sad because she is too small to perform surgeries, which is the part of her profession as a medical doctor that she likes best. The instruments are simply too big for her little hands and too heavy. One day a very sick child who urgently needs an operation is brought to the hospital (more…)

Jason: A Toronto Adventure


Author: Marcela Durán

Jason tells the story of two children who “really, really” wanted to have a pet. They live in a tall apartment building in Toronto and pets are not allowed. Then one day a friend (more…)

The Magic Keyboard ► El Teclado Mágico


Author: Camila Reimers

Many years ago fairies lived in enchanted woods, but now you find them in other places too. (more…)

Pelusa Y Roberto


Author: Denton Reimers

Pelusa and Roberto is a frantic story of love between an ant and an elephant in the jungle. Madly in love, they overcome (more…)